Nqobile – Mandhla Mgijima

Nqobile is a young man raised in post-colonial Zimbabwe.  Having been awarded a dream bursary to attend college in America, he thinks his success has come to him as a result of his proximity to whiteness; something he’s believed in since attending a predominantly white high school.

While on vacation, he witnesses a depressing incident at the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa that shatters his desire to maintain this proximity, as he now feels that blacks will always be the inferior race.

When he returns to university, he searches for meaning through religion and also joining black consciousness groups.  When both avenues fail to give him the answers he is looking for, Nqobile discovers that he will have to look within himself to find purpose.

In telling Nqobile’s story, which appears as a novella within his novel, author Mandhla Mgijima outlines a new consciousness paradigm of existence that will inspire people to move beyond the conceptual and materially obsessed world we currently live in.